Saturday, August 21, 2010

How to fix an ingrown toenail?

I think I have an ingrown toenail. It's my big toe, and it seems like the nail is growing outward to the side and cutting into my skin. It hurts and its red swollen and has puss. I know this is gross but what should I do about it?How to fix an ingrown toenail?
Go to visit a doctor. Sometimes ingrown toenail needs a small surgery.How to fix an ingrown toenail?
You need to see a doctor. Ingrown toenails usually cannot be treated properly at home. If even a small piece of the nail is left it will continue to be painful and could cause infection. Cutting a V in the front of the nail also doesn't work, it is an old wives' tale.

A doctor can remove the part that is bothering you with a quick surgery. A chemical can be placed on the nail bed where the nail is removed so that it doesn't grow back. There is really nothing to it. You will be a little sore for a few days and will need to soak the toe daily but before long it will be healed and you will not have to worry about it happening again.
I had the same problem, so I went to my Dr. She sent me right upstairs to the podiatrist (foot

specialist.) He sprayed some numbing spray on my toe, then injected it with more

anesthetic. Then he removed that edge of my toenail and did something so it wouldn't grow

back. It's not noticeable, it doesn't look like he removed half my toenail or anything like that!

I had to take antibiotics for a week or 2, and wore bandaids on it in case it bled a bit.

It has been fine ever since, and it didn't hurt a bit, I swear!
First cut away the sides as much as you can and pull any of the nail out of the sides of your toe.

Then cut a V shape in the front of the toenail. As the toenail grows it will grown inward towards the V.
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